One problem you face while creating apps with React is managing states. Sometimes you require application-level state so that you can save and access the information you need from any component you want.

There are various libraries available to solve the problem, such as Redux and Flux. But React has its own method of making application level-state, and here’s where the React Context API comes in. It’s built into React, so you do not need to install any external libraries for state management in your app to get things done.

The Context API is the way to start if you…

Electron is a JavaScript library to make desktop applications. The applications made in Electron have a chromium wrapper and all the UI is displayed as webpages, so you can make the UI with HTML and CSS and power it with JavaScript. As easy as that!

Here are some apps which are made using Electron

  • Visual Studio Code
  • WhatsApp Desktop
  • Mailspring
  • Skype
  • Streamlabs OBS

Today we will see how to set up Electron and make a basic app with Electron. You will require NodeJS installed. I’d recommend the latest version of NodeJS. …

As a programmer, your job is to write code. And to write code you must have a positive approach towards programming. You should not do programming if you’re not interested in it. So if you are in it, you need to maintain the positive approach you had when you started with it in the first place. There are a lot of things that will try to bring you down or start spreading negativity around you, but you need to stay positive or it will be more like a burden rather than fun.

Sometimes the negativity is spread without you knowing…

Discord is a communication application that is made on the idea of guilds which are called “servers” in Discord. Discord was initially for gamers to connect and play along and for joining gaming communities. It has voice channels so that players can play along. But Discord has changed a lot and people use Discord for general purposes and not just gaming!

One important factor of Discord is bots. The automated bots power the server (guilds) and make it even more interactive and easy to manage. Any Discord based community is difficult to exist without bots. Bots can play any role…

Twitter is a social networking platform where people can express their thoughts in short posts which people can read and share! Today, we are going to make a Twitter Clone using React JS in the frontend along with Firebase!

We will be using Firebase Firestore as a database and we will be using Firebase Hosting to bring our clone live on the internet. We will have the ability to post along with Images. We will also be fetching real twitter posts for a section in our Clone application. So let’s get started!

1. Creating a React App

To get started let’s make a new folder…

Today, we will be building a Spotify Clone using ReactJS and get all the required data from the official Spotify Web API. Spotify is a music application where you can listen to your favorite music. It has an inbuilt music player so that you can pause/play, repeat, and adjust the volume of music.

Are you guys pumped for this? We will be covering a lot of concepts of React as we will be using Spotify Authentication, React Context API (learn more), and much more.

So let’s get started with The Spotify Clone — The Ultimate Guide!


1. Creating a React App

The Amazon Clone was a part of the 5 day React Challenge which was held by the Clever Programmer team. During those five days, people were so pumped up and their energy made the challenge even more special. Also the Amazon Clone will also be a huge part of your portfolio because the project covers an entire E-Commerce solution! From Designing, Authentication till Payment, everything is taken care of!

In this article, we will go in depth and make the Amazon Clone using React. We will also be using Firebase for Authentication, Database, Functions and Hosting. Firebase is a great…

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